Ed Vasquez has been working exclusively with trial attorneys since 2004. During that time, Ed has been instrumental in personally helping attorney clients generate, promote, and most importantly, win their cases. 

Trial Preparation 

In 2015, Ed worked on 8 personal injury cases that resulted in jury verdicts or settlements of greater than one million dollars, three of which resolved either by jury verdict or settlement for more than ten million dollars.

He puts his news media background to use as he helps guide attorneys in crafting opening and closing statements that will resonate with jurors. Part of the process involves conducting focus groups to test, develop and better improve jury presentations.

Use our services if you are going to trial and need help preparing your demonstrative evidence. We can quickly develop charts, create trial graphics, edit video depositions, and build a PowerPoint presentation for your opening statement.

Trial preparation services include:

  • Communications Consulting
  • Focus Groups
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Settlement and Day in the Life videos
Ed Vasquez

Marketing and Public Relations

Ed works closely with law firms looking to generate new cases via the Internet and with attorneys looking to promote their cases in the news media. On the Internet side, Ed has saved attorneys tens of thousands of dollars through the building and hosting of websites, while at the same time generating millions of dollars in new cases from Internet strategies that he creates and implements.

Prior to working with attorneys, Ed was a successful technology-focused public relations and strategic marketing executive. He worked for the Internet’s first electronic newspaper and helped introduce the company to Wall Street analysts.

Ed has been at the forefront of promoting civil cases for attorney clients. The PR has been successful at finding critical witnesses for cases, generating additional new cases, and educating the public on crucial societal issues.

Groundbreaking PR efforts include:

  • First to call attention to Toyota’s floor mat problems, which caused accelerators to stick under floor mats and resulted in deadly crashes.
  • First to recognize and alert the media to a sex abuse scandal involving USA Swimming, which to date has resulted in better safeguards for underage swimmers and the banning of more than 100 coaches for sexual misconduct.
  • Highlighting teenage suicide resulting from sexual assault and slut-shaming, which led to state legislation to hold assailants responsible for their actions.
  • Using the media to maintain public awareness to help find a prominent doctor who had disappeared shortly after leaving work. After nearly two months, a witness came forward and provided a lead that resulted in the finding that the doctor had driven into the estuary as a result of a poorly constructed and maintained roadway.


Hiring EJV Communications is perhaps the single best thing I have done to grow my practice. I can not endorse EJV strongly enough.